Infrared iHeater ™

Energy Efficient Infrared Heating System

iHeater ™ is the new and revolutionary infrared portable indoor heater. It is renown for its safety features and, in fact, has been awarded the highest safety rating.

iHeater ™ and other electric infrared heaters are the "wave of the future". They are energy efficient, do not pose fire hazards and provide effective and even heating throughout the home.

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iHeater ™ has been awarded the highest safety rating. This is no surprise as infrared heat is the safest heating method since it does not pose a fire hazard.

The iHeater ™ Offer

The Ultimate Unit for Safe and Efficient Portable Heating

Is iHeater ™ the Best Portable Indoor Heater?

The iHeater ™ is the perfect portable indoor heater. Its compact, efficient and safety oriented design places it far above any other heater on the market that has been deemed energy efficient. The iHeater ™ infrared portable heater operates for pennies a day and will save you up to 50% on your next heating bill.

Did you know that infrared heaters are also rated the safest method for heating as they do not pose a fire hazard? Why risk the safety of your family and possessions when there is a safe and more efficient heating alternative? Matter in fact, the iHeater ™ has been awarded the highest safety rating!

That is not all! The iHeater ™ is exceptionally easy to move around your home as it only weighs 26 pounds and is on wheels. No wonder it is the ultimate portable indoor heater. With top ratings in safety, efficiency and portability the iHeater ™ infrared electric heater is a welcome addition to your home.

Portable Indoor Heater

iHeater  ™ is Even Beneficial to your Well-Being

Infrared heaters provide consistent and even heating whereas other small electric heaters tend to create pockets of varying temperature change within the home.

In the past, you had to sacrifice home humidity for the sake of using an electric portable heater. This is no longer something you need to accept as fact because an electric infrared heater will not rob the air of moisture. Dry air can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Negative effects of dry air include:

  • Susceptibility to sickness as the mucous lining in the nose, throat
    and airways get dried out. Once dry, invading viruses, bacteria and
    allergens can easily access your body.
  • Nosebleeds
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Dry skin and eyes.
  • Static Electricity
  • The list goes on….

Why submit your family and yourself to the negative effects of dry air when there is an exceptional electric heating alternative that will not rob your health and bank account?

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